Board of Director

Our board plays a critical role in guiding the company’s strategic direction and ensuring its continued success in the highly competitive Cyber Security market. With their deep expertise and insight, the board is instrumental in helping CYBER1 stay at the forefront of technological advancements and in delivering innovative and effective Cyber Security solutions to clients around the world.

The Board of Directors shall consist of not less than three and not more than nine members, with at most six deputies.

The board of directors is the second-highest decision making body of the Company after the shareholders’ meeting and the highest executive body of the Company. According to the Swedish Companies Act, the board of directors is responsible for the organisation of the company and the management of the company’s affairs, which means that the board of directors is responsible for, among other things, setting targets and strategies, securing routines and systems for evaluation of set targets, continuously assessing the financial condition and profits as well as evaluating the operating management. The board of directors is also responsible for ensuring that annual reports and interim reports are prepared in a timely manner. Moreover, the board of directors appoints the CEO. Members of the board of directors are normally appointed by the annual shareholders’ meeting for the period until the end of the next annual shareholders’ meeting.

CYBER1 - Johan Bolsenbroek
Johan Bolsenbroek

Born 1966
Ordinary Board member since 2020

Other assignments: Triangle Studios B.V. - Co-owner - CFO, SDChecker B.V. holding company for ScreenCheck Europe, B.V. and DataChecker B.V. - Director, HippocrAItes OY - Board Member
Previous assignments: Managing Partner at BdR Executive Partners B.V.
Education: MBA in International Business from the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business and a BBA in International business from Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Shareholdings: 6,500,000 shares
Non-Executive Director

Robert Brown - CYBER1
Robert Brown

Born 1970
Ordinary Board member since 2021

Other assignments: Director, CSSA & CSAD
Previous assignments (past five years): CEO, Dynamic Recovery Holdings, CEO Cyber Security 1 AB
Education: KES, South Africa

Shareholdings: 68,386,438 shares
Non independent Director

CYBER1 - Zeth Nyström
Zeth Nyström

Born 1946
Ordinary Board member since 2020

Other assignments: Chairman of Trofi AB, vice chairman Technical & Service Council, City of Trosa, Member of the City Council City of Trosa, Member of the local Church Council, Lay Judge for Svea Court of Appeal
Previous assignments:  CEO of Speedy Tomato AB (Telia), COO Tess Brazil (Telia), CMO Europolitan AB (now Telenor) and CMO Hi3G AB (3/Three), General Manager Motorola Nordics & Baltics
Education: Bachelor’s degree in economics from Gothenburg University

Shareholdings: 600,000 shares
Independent of the Company and Group Management
Independent of Principal shareholders

CYBER1 - Pekka Honkanen
Pekka Honkanen

Born 1951
Ordinary Board member since 2020

Other assignments: Board Director of Takana Group Oy, Senior Advisor of Enfuce Financial Services, Owner and Chairman of PHOY Solutions Ltd.
Previous assignments:Board Director of Poplatek Oy (Now Part of the Nets Group), Board Director of St1 Finance Oy, Board Director of Paytrail Oy (Now Part of Nets Group), Chairman of Silverskin Information Security Oy, and senior roles within Visa International and OP Financial Group
Education: M.Sc in computer science and economy from Turku University

Shareholdings: 1,159,966
Independent of the Company and Group Management
Independent of Principal shareholders

CYBER1 - Alan Goslar
Alan Goslar

Born 1947
Ordinary Board member since 2020

Other assignments: Emerchantpay Ltd (UK) - director, Payall Payment Systems Inc (USA) - director, Payments Advisory Services Ltd (UK) - director/owner
Previous assignments: Payments Advisory Ltd (UK) - director/owner, Dial Advisory Ltd (UK) - director/owner, Payments Advisory Management Services Ltd (UK) - director/owner, Payon AG (Germany) - chairman, Transactworld Ltd (UK) - chairman/CEO, Onpex SA (Luxembourg) - chairman, Secure Trading Financial Services (Malta) - chairman
Education: University of the Witwatersrand

Shareholdings: 2,400,000 shares
Independent of the Company and Group Management
Independent of Principal shareholders

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