Peter Sedin

Group CEO

Peter Sedin, CEO of Cyber Security 1 AB. Peter has extensive international experience from holding several senior leadership positions at Volvo Construction Equipment. Peter Sedin is also the CEO and founder of the company Asight AB, a consulting company in management and corporate development. He holds a MSc in mechanical engineering from Linköping University, and holds a Global Executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. As CEO of CYBER1, Peter is responsible for ensuring the company fulfils its regulatory requirements, by enshrining strong governance practices and harnessing his knowledge and expertise within Sweden and wider Europe. Peter works in collaboration with the Group President, in driving CYBER1 forward within its operating markets, as well as ensuring CYBER1 is growing with a strong foundation of compliance and sound business practices.

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Board of Directors

CYBER1 is a global Cyber Security company that helps organizations protect themselves from cyber threats. The board of directors at CYBER1 consists of experienced and accomplished professionals in the field of Cyber Security, technology, finance, and business. They are responsible for guiding the company’s strategic direction and ensuring its success in the highly competitive Cyber Security market. The board’s expertise and insight allow CYBER1 to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and to provide its clients with innovative and effective Cyber Security solutions.

Executive Management

CYBER1 has an experienced and highly skilled executive management team that is dedicated to driving the company’s growth and success. The team comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in Cyber Security, technology, finance, and business. They are responsible for overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations, developing and implementing strategic plans, and ensuring that CYBER1 delivers exceptional value to its clients. The executive management team is committed to maintaining CYBER1‘s position as a leading global Cyber Security company and delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving Cyber Security landscape. With their combined expertise and leadership, the team drives CYBER1‘s continued growth and success in the industry.