CYBER 1 insight : Why is a managed security service provider right for you and your business?

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Why is a managed security service provider right for you and your business?

Cybercrime and its associated costs are undoubtedly set to be one of the largest threats facing businesses over the coming decade. Although companies are becoming increasingly aware of the risk, they are often underprepared when it comes to protecting themselves.

The scope of attacks carried out by cyber criminals is expanding in both frequency and complexity, posing huge financial and reputational risks to businesses. There has been a recent surge in cases involving high-profile companies suffering from data breaches, and whilst the direct restoration costs of an attack can be quantified, the ‘true cost’ of an attack can be immeasurable when assessing its impact on consumer trust and brand reputation. As such, many companies are turning to a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) when it comes to their cyber security requirements. This article will assess the benefits of such an approach, and why CYBER1, with its experience as a trusted provider of cyber security products and services to global brands such as Formula 1™, is the right Cyber Security provider for you.

The role of an MSSP allows for companies to leverage world-leading cyber security technology and expertise, increasing the efficiency and dependability of their IT operations. This alleviates pressure on existing IT staff, allowing them to focus instead on internal projects aimed at driving growth and revenue. In many cases, having a reputable MSSP that assumes 24/7/365 responsibility for monitoring, managing and resolving cyber security issues within a business will save companies money in the long run. Existing cyber security operations, unless adequately funded and maintained, can be limited and become quickly overwhelmed, whilst a failure to keep on top of back-ups, patches and technological updates can increase a company’s exposure to attack. The potential costs arising from this can threaten the continued existence of many businesses.

Indeed, being able to guarantee a proactive cyber security strategy with minimal outlay and predictable monthly costs must be considered preferable to the reactive approach of attempting to fix problems as and when they arise. A reactive approach leaves businesses vulnerable to potentially catastrophic downtime, alongside the devastating financial and reputational damage that comes with it.

Businesses immediately see the benefit of working with an MSSP through enjoying access to a wide array of IT security staff that are experts in multiple areas of the cyber security industry. This alleviates pressure on the training, hiring and retention of internal staff, whilst also eliminating the necessity of large up-front investment in cloud or on-premise infrastructure management tools, as the MSSP will already have these in place. In this sense, the hiring of an MSSP allows for businesses to realise an immediate return on investment.

The enhanced security and compliance offered by partnering with an MSSP will also be immediately visible, as companies are able to leverage access to best-of-breed technology and long-established vendor relationships, alongside world-leading technical knowledge and a highly strategic approach. MSSPs such as CYBER1 are able to centralise operations within managed data centres, whilst converging security feeds from complimentary third-party solutions which provide a real-time, holistic view of a company’s cyber security posture. The monitoring of this by trained cyber security professionals provides ultimate peace of mind to businesses, in the face of an estimated 300% increase in web attacks alone since 2017.

Thus, we can see the ability of an MSSP to alleviate the growing pressure that in-house IT security teams are facing in relation to cyber threats. By outsourcing to a trusted, world-leading team such as CYBER1, businesses can be confident that they are responding to their cyber security needs with the best available strategic and technological approach. Critical to this is the dynamic approach enabled by engaging with an MSSP, as a proactively serviced network delivers greatly enhanced performance, reduced downtime and expert response to issues as and when they arise. The obligation of enterprises to continually adapt to ever-changing trends within the industry also lends credence to the notion of working with an MSSP. This has been seen recently, for example with the expansion of cloud storage and technologies, providing new scope for a nuanced approach to cyber security. This is essential since it is predicted that by 2020, 95% of incidents in the cloud will be preventable by the correct implementation of necessary safeguards and controls. It is therefore more important than ever for companies to proactively manage their approach, ensuring that security infrastructure is consistently updated, monitored and deployed to establish uninterrupted coverage across the full spectrum of risk they are exposed to. CYBER1, through its years of experience working with small, medium and large enterprises across multiple jurisdictions, is best placed to provide you with a cutting-edge approach to your cyber security requirements.

To learn more about how CYBER1, with its world leading strategic approach, technical team and advanced network of over 90 Cyber security vendors is best placed to support your business’s Cyber security journey, contact us at [email protected].

Written by Ben Howard, Business Development Executive within CYBER1

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